Registering for a first dose of the coronavirus vaccine

You can register for a first dose of your coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination through the online self-registration portal.

This is an easy and quick way to register and receive an appointment at a set day and time for your coronavirus vaccine.

When you register online, this allows NHS Scotland to send you alerts and information digitally rather than through the post.

You cannot self-register for a second dose, third primary dose or a booster dose via the registration portal.

Register for a vaccine

To register online you must be aged 16 or over and registered with a GP practice in Scotland.

The online registration form will ask for details such as your:

  • name
  • date of birth
  • postcode
  • gender
  • contact details
  • Community Health Index (CHI) number (if available)
How can I find my CHI number?

Your CHI number is a unique number you are allocated when you register with your GP.

You will be able to complete the registration form without knowing your CHI number, but it will help NHS Scotland to match your record if you do know it.

You can find your CHI number in most documents or letters sent to you by NHS Scotland, such as your:

  • prescriptions
  • test results
  • hospital referral letters
  • appointment letters

If you don’t have a GP practice

You can still get your coronavirus vaccination even if you aren’t registered with a GP practice or don’t have a Community Health Index (CHI) number.

You should phone the national vaccination helpline on 0800 030 8013 and they'll help you.

After registering

Once you have submitted your details, you'll receive a text or email confirming that you’ve registered successfully.

You’ll receive a second text or email with your appointment details. This is based on the availability of vaccine supplies and staff.

If you can’t make your allocated appointment you can rearrange your appointment.

If you don’t register

It is encouraged that as many people as possible register for their coronavirus vaccination, but you don’t have to.

Alternatively, check if there's a vaccine drop-in clinic near you.

Last updated:
05 May 2022